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12:20:2002 Entry: "Ann : Another new house DREAM"

Another new house DREAM

Stan and I were inside a new house (fairly new construction). We were going to buy it. It was a two story and had four bedrooms, but it only had one full bath; the master bath just had a shower not a full tub (Not that it would matter for a couple like us, but it's actually fewer full bathrooms than we presently have) and the tub that they did have was a hideous bluish turquoise made out of plastic and it was very shallow. New houses...yuck. The layout was pretty boring, and I was having second thoughts about getting this new house in place of our old one, even though there'd be more room for studios and all. It was just VERY BORING. As we were looking around in the lower level, I was flashing Stan something nasty. ;-) and hoping no one else would see because I think it was an open house. Then I had to tie my shoe and was looking around for some place to sit down, but all I could find were two small mattresses in one of the bedrooms. I couldn't figure out it was a bedroom for two kids or a dog, because I noticed very coarse black hair or fur on one of the mattresses.

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