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12:20:2002 Entry: "Ann : While I was gone..."

While I was gone...

This is the journal I kept while I couldn't blog due to the host switching.


I was explaining my server problems, downtime, lack of support, etc. to Stan, and he thought the name of my now ex-host Aletia sounds like a drag queen. "The Drag Queen with No Support" would be the braless wonder drag queen, which is sort of an odd thing because how would he stuff himself? Aletia can stuff it, that's for sure.

I have no idea why, but the song "You're So Vain" popped into my head (I'm not into 30-year old pop music, but stuff like this just happens, you know?) and I thought of the version/remake *I* would do if I was in a band..."You're so'd never think this song is about you, would you?" Sometimes it's just really hard to engage people in deep conversations and oft times this disturbs me greatly.

I had one of those extremely annoying dreams Sunday night...I had to pee really badly (IRL too) and finally ended up going in my flannel pajamas (I never wear flannel pajamas) because I didn't want to take the bottoms off because I was in public. Very weird dream.

Had a Courtney Killed Kurt Conspiracy shoot through my head the other day: She wanted to be Nancy Spungeon, right? She wanted the role, which she didn't get. She wanted to avenge the death of Nancy, so when she married Kurt, she turned the tables, so instead of Rockstar Kills Groupie/Girlfriend/Wife, it was Groupie/Girlfriend/Wife Kills Rockstar. Yes, my imagination can get the better of me sometimes.

Stan is totally enjoying OS X. He had to use the OLD OLD computer the other day because he needed to print out some letters on the laser printer, which has always been hooked up to that computer (I'll get it hooked up to my new one someday), and he really noticed the difference.

And that's all I can think of to say for now...


Freakmagnet day. I HATE it when anonymous people send me an email requesting something I cannot even do for them, but I email them back politely anyway and usually refer them to The Cyber Crew, but the damned email doesn't even get to them because they didn't give me the danged correct email addy.

Oh, and here's a good one. Get a load of this SPAM...and I'm including all their contact information because I think they want the business badly:


I was just visiting your website ( and your product caught my eye. My name is Eva Myles and I look for unique
items to sell on the internet. Please let me know who I should be contacting regarding this as I may be interested adding your product to our network of websites. To get a better understanding of what we do and where we sell, you can visit If you are already familiar with and would like to fill out an application, just visit the link below. Keep in mind that filling out an application does not guarantee a spot on our network.

Application page:

The best way to reach me is through email, at

Looking forward to working with you.

Eva Myles
JS Weave

OK, go look at that page of mine that they mention. It dates from about a year ago, when I was raising caterpillars. So I wrote back:

And you want to sell caterpillars and butterflies on the internet (that is, after all, what's on that page)?

wow...what will they think of next.

I know, I shouldn't have replied back. But sometimes the thought of pissing stupid spammy people off is greater than the desire to remain off of spam lists.

Update: Hey, she wrote back, saying it's my silver and turquoise tote bags. Um...duh...I don't see them on THAT page. Anyway, they're a cafe press item. Geezus. They can't even get their referrer urls right.

Every day Stan brings home either some Monarch eggs or a small Monarch caterpillars or a Black Swallowtail caterpillar. He finds the monarchs in the field and the swallowtails by the buildings. The swallowtail caterpillars would be destroyed if he didn't save them because they are grazing on fennel that is evidentally in the residents' garden. Yesterday he surprised me by not bringing home a caterpillar, but the sweetest little green tree frog you've ever seen. Picture forthcoming.

Today six Monarch butterflies hatched from their chrysalises. I think that's a record.

Update: I think it's a Grey Treefrog, even though it's green.

Weird dream last night. I was out with Tim and maybe Stan and some friends of Tim's. We were going to various restaurants or boutiquey bars. Matt, his former roommate, was with us. Then Tim left, and I didn't want to stay with Matt and his friends because there'd be no one to drive me home who was sober. The weird thing was though, there was a guy that was with Matt who was a character I made up about half my life ago, Mitch. Mitch is so not gay, so I have no idea why he was with them. Also, part of my dream I was with Stan and we were trying to find restrooms. We walked into a movie theatre just to use the restroom (didn't need to buy a ticket), but I couldn't find the women's room, so I went into the men's room, which was actually kind of fancy like a woman's room. When Stan saw me in there, he ushered me out quickly. I've got to stop having these dreams where I need to pee.

I'm trying to find out what kind of frog we have, but I can't find a picture of it anywhere. It looks like some kind of green tree frog, but they're down south, not up north here. Weird. I wonder if it was someone's pet they let lose. This site is really on the links to see and hear the frogs.


Day from hell trying to get my domains straightened out.

Woke up. They didn't exist. Contacted support. No one contacted back. Had to go pick up a freelance job from hell. I wore my glasses and slippers and didn't brush my hair or apply makeup so I'd look frazzled to the woman I work for because I WAS very frazzled. (the woman I work for isn't from's just this particular job...icky). Came back, still no support contact. Decided to try to contact other hosts. Spent most of the morning looking at other hosts. Finally got the attention of the CEO of my hosting company (it's a small company). He tried to fix my domains. They worked! They worked! They were up! Then I noticed I couldn't receive email in my catchall email account. Contacted them again. Turns out, they had to DELETE the subdomains to make it work again. Oy! But they STILL couldn't get to work. So he decided to offer me a free basic hosting plan for dingbatcave. I guess it sounds like a really WOW! deal, but it's still the's not like I'm REALLY getting free hosting because I'm still paying no more or no less than had I just been able to multi-host under as I wanted it originally. I guess it was the good host thing to do.

So had to spend the afternoon re-uploading the subdomains they had to delete. What a PITA.

Whatever. I'm sick of talking about hosts.

I need to get away from the computer.

Hatched a Black Swallowtail (female) and eight Monarchs! I remember back in 1999 or 1998, all we had the entire season were eight Monarchs! This will probably be our best year ever.

Caught a fly with my bare hands and put it in the frog cage (which is a gallon jar until we get a terrarium set up for it). I think he ate it...can't find the fly. This is good. He didn't eat the spikes that we feed our newts...will have to try crickets.

I promise I'll put up a picture of the frog, but right now I'm so sick of computer stuff. He's so darn cute!


Jeeze I had no idea you raised butterflies.. Wonderful.

Posted by Leann @ 08:13:2002:09:09 PM CST

Oh there you are again! Welcome back! *grin*

Posted by Nina @ 08:14:2002:03:10 AM CST

Welcome back! Hosting trouble...blech.

How exciting about all the butterflies. This is my fave time of the year on your blog. I wonder if there are so many this year because of the multitudes killed in Mexico by that freak storm? I'm always looking for connections like that....

Glad you are back and that the 'flies are going well. Can't wait to see photos of the phrog!


Posted by Kim @ 08:15:2002:12:06 PM CST

What's odd to me is that someone out there must take these people seriously or they would have no business at all?

Glad to see you back after the hosting nightmare!

Posted by ali @ 08:17:2002:12:47 PM CST

What's odd to me is that someone out there must take these people seriously or they would have no business at all?

Glad to see you back after the hosting nightmare!

Posted by ali @ 08:17:2002:12:48 PM CST

By Ann @ 20:24 PM CST:12:20:02 ..::Link::..