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12:20:2002 Entry: "Ann : New Author and Nostalgia"

New Author and Nostalgia

I added Stan to this journal as an author. I don't know if he'll contribute much or not. He does have his own laptop now, but he's busy learning Sicilian. ;-D

Back in the old old days (before some of you were born!), Stan and I would write together all the time. I'd write a section, then he'd write a section. The results were quite surreal, comic bookish...mostly our adventures (along with Leon, Sharleen [we named rats after them], Adam and some other blokes) in the fight against preppie Cindy and Craig and the evil pineapple-headed Rene. And then there was Huhduhduh, but that's very politically incorrect right now in left circles, and could cause an international incident in right circles, so we won't go there (hey, he had a cheesey moustache, didn't he, Stan?). Sometimes we'd bring The Daves in there for comic relief, complete with Dave D's classic Buick. And then there was the graveyard. Fort Collins had the best graveyard...don't know what it was about it, but it was cool. Madison's graveyards aren't as good. Maybe it was just the time, as opposed to the place.

I'm getting pretty nostalgic about that time. Maybe it was that dream I had with Mitch with no warning which made no sense. No matter how many personal stages I go through, you can't totally forget parts of your life. Despite the fact I do not make art with humans in them anymore, I have this little picture I did back in '83 propped up on some nails above a mirror to the side of my computer, just so I won't forget that I once did. It's about 7 inches square, the size of a single. Since I was a non-musician, but a total music lover, I wanted my art to be like music, so I made a series of these little black and white drawings the size of singles. This picture is in a Frankenstein type laboratory, there's a semi-naked woman on the slab, Ross is losing his mind with arms up in the air, Igor is doing some tests, The old doctor...(what WAS his name, Stan? Dr. Von....something...not a very developed character) is rushing into the room from an arched doorway that contains the silhouette of a swishy limpwristed Randy W., and Adam is leaning into the right edge of the picture, eating a sub sandwich with a black t-shirt that spouts the slogan "Destroy Craig's Brain."

But the best one was done on a piece of typing paper in pencil, entitled "Craig Walks the Plank." We're all pirated out...Leon, me, Adam...Stan, were you there? Except Craig. Craig was wearing yuppie pastel 80s cotton/poly plaid (well, it was a black and white picture, you just had to picture it was pastel if you remember the 80s like Goatboy). And he was on the plank, blindfolded. I don't know if I have the original, but I did make lots of copies on astrobrites at Kinkos and plastered them all over the art building, the Chemistry building (heh), and various places on campus. Just for the helluvit.

Sometimes I'd look at those old pictures and feel embarrassed. They weren't art with a capital A. But so what. They were still part of me.

OK, that's a glimpse into my past life.


That's interesting, adding Stan :)

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