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12:20:2002 Entry: "Ann : Loud Family"

Loud Family

The Loud Family is at it again. All these people do is sit out in their backyard all day and shout. Don't they have jobs? Things to do?

What's the east side become? Once upon a time this neighborhood used to be pretty cool. Now it seems like if it's not The Loud Family, it's the well-dressed flag waving yuppies. Thank goodness The Connors are still here (they have a Kathleen Falk for Guv'nor sign..yay!) as well as some of the other "old timers" (middle-aged, actually) around here. I guess we're old timers...we've lived here 12 years.

I heard that this neighborhood has a high percentage of work-at-homes like myself.

I don't think The Loud Family is working, however.

I have a headache.


We have such neighbors, too. They live in the appartement thatīs above ourīs and they must have a private bowling alley or something. Thatīs exactly the sound that comes from above...Iīm scared... lol

Posted by Nina @ 08:22:2002:08:41 AM CST can't live above 'em, you can't live below 'em. Stan and I didn't buy a house because we wanted to buy into some American dream...we just needed our freakin' sleep. I've had bowling alleys and all night poker parties above me, welfare moms below me, and deadheads all around me. Aaaargh. Once it was so bad, I had to go to my parents house to get sleep during the day. Now THAT's bad. And desparate.

Posted by Ann @ 08:22:2002:05:49 PM CST

"Neighbors... you can't live above 'em, you can't live below 'em."

..but you can very well live without them ;o)

Posted by Nicolas @ 08:23:2002:07:32 AM CST

Sure can.

All these people do is play cards all day outside and have fights with eachother. How utterly boring.

Posted by Ann @ 08:24:2002:08:42 AM CST

By Ann @ 20:24 PM CST:12:20:02 ..::Link::..