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12:20:2002 Entry: "Ann : Frog"


frog1 (8k image)frog2 (8k image)frog3 (8k image)

These are pictures of the frog Stan found 8.11.02. Doing research, we can't find anything like him from Wisconsin. I discussed this with Bill yesterday, whose main field in college was herpetology, and he suspects it might be a species from outside our area that was released by someone, like an unwanted pet or something (who'd not want this cutie?). We've decided to keep him, since re-releasing a non-native species would not be good. He's a good eater, is as cute as a button, doesn't bark, doesn't pee on old socks on the floor, doesn't eat houseplants, doesn't bite when being groomed (doesn't need grooming), what more would you want in a pet?


Besides all that, the little guy is darned cute!! :o)

Posted by Maria @ 08:26:2002:05:01 AM CST

I agree, he's really a cutie

Posted by Nico @ 08:26:2002:07:19 AM CST

Lucky Froggie :)

Posted by Tove @ 08:26:2002:01:20 PM CST

Stan said we should name him after a Ceaser (like our cat, Caligula), so I thought of "Augustus" since he found him in August, then it immediately hit me: "Auggie the Froggie."

How silly is that?

Posted by Ann @ 08:26:2002:05:00 PM CST

Or maybe Fraugust?

Posted by Tove @ 08:27:2002:10:42 AM CST

Fraugust! That's great!

Posted by Ann @ 08:27:2002:11:30 AM CST


Posted by Tove @ 08:27:2002:11:50 AM CST

Pretty cute frog. :-)

Posted by Kim @ 08:27:2002:01:17 PM CST

i love slimy frogs!

Posted by anatacia @ 12:21:2002:01:57 PM CST


Posted by sexy gal @ 12:21:2002:01:57 PM CST

By Ann @ 20:24 PM CST:12:20:02 ..::Link::..