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12:20:2002 Entry: "Ann : A thought about Originality (for Stan)"

A thought about Originality (for Stan)

OK, Stan, can you click the "more" link please? (this is where the diary gets boring for everyone else except Stan, I guarantee) It's just easier to communicate it here than to verbally tell you due to the very web/link based content.

Holy Sh*T! Stan, look! (all links pop open in new windows) That was actually mildly amusing...when I...uh...erm...first invented him...he did have sort of a country punk rockabilly flavour/look, belying his soon-to-follow protogothic demeanor. Holy crap. Someone made my idea go Spinal Tap in a bad way. dammit...WTF? holy F*C#! ROFLMAO! kill me now Uh...I don't think so....

OK, so maybe I wasn't THAT creative as far as picking a name that no one else would use? However, I'd be willing to bet mine predates all of this.

There is no Adam Cabrini thank goodness. Thank GOODNESS.
Can't find much on a Julie K. Clark either, heh.

But... ???? Financial? Looks British. Heh. No Ross, though.

What was Sharleen's last name, anyway?

The Leon thang is STILL a bit freaky, evenmoreso than the Adam thang, probably because Leon Payne was this guy's REAL name, as opposed to those Adam guys who never had the name "Adam." Gawd...that coulda been Leon's granddaddy. I swear, I know so little about Country Music, let alone an obscure legend like that, how could I have copped that name from anywhere? Things that make you go "huh?"

Isn't the internet a weird thing? Who'da known?

Someone is also using the name Annesthesia on the internet, and I hope no one confuses her with me. Sometimes I wonder if the human race really is capable of original thought, even though it might be original to the person thinking of it, i.e., they're not copying it from anything, someone else unbeknownst to them might be doing/thinking the same thing.

I still think the plaid penis thing was pretty original. But there was probably someone on the other side of the world doing the same thing.

There are no Captive Noses (yes, there is a god of originality), but we all know there is a Captain Rose. And when it's directly related to you, then it's especially weird. Uh oh... scroll down a little...Captain Nose.

OK, scroll down to practically the bottom of the page: "FETISH FASHION: Anne Esthesia's leather catalog." Oh, yeah, that reminds me...just checked. There IS NO "Nuclear Wearhouse and Leather Emporium!" original. I can't remember how we spelled Giovindie...Giovindi? Geovindi? Regardless, there is nothing on the internet like that. And although I'm getting a lot of results for "plaid couch," the string "plaid couch pyramid" doesn't exist. However... "couch pyramid" does exist, but it's not the same thing. That site is a typical example of why most (present company excluded, of course) fine artists should not attempt to design web pages.


Oh gawd, Stan, I just scrolled down on the first Leon Payne page and got a load of his "Lone Star Buddies." I'm cracking up. I know I shouldn't, but I can't help it. Is that my dad 2nd from the right?

Posted by Ann @ 08:26:2002:01:36 PM CST

Geez, I should've done more research before I posted all of this prematurely. "Bootcake" is a jazz record label.

And get a load of this: I think mine was better because it was more subtle and not as obvious. (mine was more human, not as fruity) But I bet this guy never made one out of meatloaf, though.

Posted by Ann @ 08:26:2002:02:07 PM CST


Posted by Stan @ 08:26:2002:09:13 PM CST


Posted by Stan @ 08:26:2002:09:14 PM CST


Posted by Stan @ 08:26:2002:09:14 PM CST

As discussed last night:

I have no clue, but it exists.

Posted by Ann @ 08:27:2002:09:21 AM CST

By Ann @ 20:24 PM CST:12:20:02 ..::Link::..