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12:20:2002 Entry: "Ann : Charter"


Caution, MAJOR cussing inside. If you don't like 4 letter words, don't go there.

Fuck you, Charter! You sound just like Ameritech: "It's not our problem." Well, it's not mine either, you dumbasses. You admitted that you've been having outage problems, and when you told me all that bullshit about unplugging my modem and router and restarting and all that crap and when it didn't work the first time but it worked without the router the second time, it's not because I "need to have someone take a look at my network" as you claim, it's because it was fucked on YOUR END and all it needed was some time to correct itself as opposed to a network overhaul! Why can't you admit it? There's nothing wrong with my network. Fuck you. Can't you admit your system was fucked? I don't care if it was, as long as you take responsibility for it, I don't care...that's fine, as long as you're willing to say "we were having some problems, but it should be ready in about an hour, just restart your system." But to lie to me to tell me it's MY problem? Who the hell are you?

Screw you. My network is FINE. Your (Mac retarded Windows only) tech support on the other hand...

Next time, I'm not calling them unless the problem isn't gone in a DAY. Mr. Dumbass probably has some geek friend in the network repair business...gets a kickback.

And there's TWO lights on the back of the flashes, the other doesn't. Duh.

Yeah, it's always the dumb broad who doesn't know that she accidentally spilled nail polish remover on her ethernet router and claims "but I didn't do anything to it." Yeah, fuck you. I know you don't believe me. And you know what? Macs NEVER freeze up when one does nothing to it. It DOESN'T HAPPEN. In order to have it freeze up one always has done SOMETHING to make it crash. ALWAYS. Dumbass. Things don't just go "poof" in my world. Maybe they do in yours, dickwad.

I think I'm through venting. Maybe.

Edited to add:

You know, if once I got it working *without* the router, if he would've said, "OK, now try plugging it back into the router to see if it will work," that would've been different. Because then he would've found out it would have worked. But to just assume it's MY fault and my network is screwed because it didn't work with the router the first time (when it was still probably being defective on their end, which they couldn't admit), especially when he knows jackshit about Macs....urgh...I'm still fuming. I want to call him back and tell him "nyah it works" but he's not worth my cellphone minutes.

Edited to add some more:

I want a job in tech support where I can be the Mac geek that can disparage people with Windows systems, so I can say over the phone, "oh, you're using Windows? [snidely] oh, I don't know how you would fix that, let's see, lemme find that in my instructions here...just a minute...hmmm..." just so they know what it's like on the other side of the coin.


Yay, you're angry. No wonder, who isn't after phoning any tech-support or phonecompany.

Posted by Nico @ 08:28:2002:05:10 PM CST

...and one sure can't trust Windows, I've used it since.... god knows how many years and it's not reliable, it freeze, it crash, you name it.

Posted by Nico @ 08:28:2002:05:14 PM CST

And not only that, Steve Jobs is better looking than Bill Gates.

Yeah, I'm being the stupid broad. ;-)

Posted by Ann @ 08:31:2002:05:01 PM CST

By Ann @ 20:24 PM CST:12:20:02 ..::Link::..