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12:20:2002 Entry: "Ann : DREAMs - Pug, Dubya and Lizards"

DREAMs - Pug, Dubya and Lizards

Dream 1: Bad dream that Hieronymus fell off the retaining wall* in the front of our house while he was outside pooping. Stan picked him up, dusted him off, and he seemed to be fine, but he was unable to poop again. What a scary dream.

Dream 2: This is a weird one. Stan and I and some guy, who I think was Dubya, were in a very strange spacious shower. It was tiled with stone, and about the size of an entire bathroom. (I don't remember nudity or anything) The only problem is that wherever The Shrub stepped, he'd leave a messy spot on the tile, and I realized that George Junior had shit in the shower and was stepping in it and tracking it around. I left the shower because it was gross. I got mad at Stan because he didn't even see Our President's Poo, stepped in it himself, and tracked it around as well and didn't notice. Then I remember cleaning it up and pushing it into the drain. There was a lot of it. Very weird dream.

Dream 3: Stan and I had a Sunday off together. It was around noon, and we decided to go to the gallery where I had my show this summer. In the dream it was also a coffee shop and it was closer to where we lived, around the intersection of Atwood and Winnebago. Also, that part of the Schenks/Atwood neighborhood had narrower streets that were more like alleys. As we got to the gallery, we saw it was closed, but I wanted to go somewhere, so we ducked into a drugstore that also had a coffee shop or soda fountain (this doesn't exist). I started looking at magazines and Stan sat down somewhere to read. I wandered around the store, which seemed to turn into a cross between a department store and a library. I sat down on a couch, but some young teenage guys came into the area and were talking, and it disturbed me and I left. I found another area in the store that sold lots of household appliances. They were rather moderne/deco looking. For some reason I had it in my head that Stan's (Colorado) mom wanted appliances like these, so I went to get him. But when I found him, he was sitting on a bed that had a tiny blue lizard on it. Then I saw a larger blue lizard, and the larger one ate the smaller one. Then I saw an iguana...the whole bed was full of lizards, but I couldn't catch them...they'd hide in old socks and stuff that were around the bed. Then I was looking at my frog in its cage that was behind the bed, and noticed that there was a Praying Mantis in the cage with it. I was afraid the Praying Mantis, which was bigger than the frog, would eat the frog. I also didn't want the frog to eat the mantis. I was rather freaked out.

*IRL, our house is on a hill. A looong time ago, the front yard sloped down to street level, but through the decades of modernization, our street was widened and all the houses on our side (and probably the other side) of the road lost part of the front yards, and in doing so, many of the houses on our side, the hill side, had to have retaining walls added so that the part of the yard that was cut into didn't slide off into the street. Since our house appears to be on the tallest part of the hill, we have the highest retaining wall, which is taller than me. One of the first things we did when we bought the house was to paint a mural on the wall called "CowSharks." We got in trouble by the city for doing it without the proper paperwork. I don't know, I always think of filling out paperwork before beginning a painting, don't you? But our local alderperson was pretty cool and stood up for us at a city council meeting, so we were able to keep the mural. If some asshole hadn't complained about it, the city never would've cared. It's odd though, back when we I lived in Colorado as a kid/teenager/young renting person and drove by some old houses in a certain area in Denver (Colorado boulevard? Monaco parkway something?) that were on hills and had sloping front lawns, I always pictured that I'd like to live in a house like that, that had a sloping front lawn. Then I bought one.

Yet I digressed big time.


God!!! Number 2 is hilarious :)))))

Posted by Tove @ 08:30:2002:02:04 PM CST

HA - HA - HA!!!! I don't get over it! :D

Posted by Tove - again @ 08:30:2002:02:09 PM CST

Dream (or nightmare) number two is gross =o)

Posted by Nico @ 08:31:2002:12:38 PM CST

Is the mural still in place? I'd love to see a photo of it!

Posted by Suzanne @ 08:31:2002:02:12 PM CST

Yeah, it keeps cracking me up too, Tove.

Nico, it's also rather profound, doncha think? Dubya drags shit around wherever he goes...

Suzanne...Yes, it is, however it's fallen under some weather-related problems...peeling. Since I'm not really into restoring it for the sake of restoring, I'm changing the peeled spots to look like tromp l'oiel (sp?) bricks, like if you peeled back the mural it'd be brick instead of grey cement. I'll see if I can find an old picture of it some time and scan it. If I were to paint a new mural, it'd be totally abstract like my paintings. Except we can't do that...we'd have to get permission from the city again if we were to change the subject matter. politics. I'm hoping that my gradual changing of it will sort of be (pardon the expression) like the frog that boils to death in the frying pan and doesn't notice because it's gradual. I hope the city will be the frog.

Posted by Ann @ 08:31:2002:05:07 PM CST

Got a little preoccupied with moving and such and just remembered I want to see the wall, lol!

I'm impressed that you're slowly transforming it. Heh. If you have a pic, I'd love to see it! Really!

Posted by Suzanne @ 09:12:2002:04:29 PM CST

By Ann @ 20:24 AM CST:12:20:02 ..::Link::..