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12:20:2002 Entry: "Ann : More DREAMs"


Confusing sequences again...I'm not sure which came first.

1. The first dream involved a certain male that we haven't spoken with since 2000 that I don't want to see again. He was in town or something. I seem to be having these post-traumatic stress dreams of Labor Day 2000 lately.

2. Stan told me that the large Crane Fly that we fed the frog last night made him sick. Stan then took the frog and pryed the fly out of its mouth. He was doing this in the back of a car, and I was afraid the frog would escape. I guess we were travelling, and then I found ourselves at an airport terminal as if we'd just come off a plane. There were a bunch of people there milling around looking for passengers to pick up. I saw our friend Lamya, so we followed her. We were descending these bamboo stairs that were covered with water and it was dark, so I couldn't move fast because I couldn't see and my arms were full of luggage and stuff and I didn't want to slip. I was spilling all my belongings on the stairs. Stan and Lamya (who can see better than me and who weren't carrying much) were way ahead of me and didn't even notice my problem. I started to cry. I think they did turn around to help me.

3. I was at my parent's house and I had to get ready for a flight that was to leave in about an hour. It was almost 8:30 am, but it was pitch black. It was strange because it was as if I was going on a trip, instead of travelling back home to Madison...weird. I realized that although I'd packed my clothes, I didn't pack shoes or any of my computer stuff so I was running around frantically trying to gather stuff up. I walk into the bathroom because the door was open, and my dad was there, naked except for his bathrobe and he was doing something with his thigh...removing a tick or something, I don't know. He looks at me like "how dare you come in here" (like I wanted to see him like that), but the damn door was did I know?

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