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12:20:2002 Entry: "Ann : Ehhh"


Trying to figure out how to make it more obvious to differentiate between my posts and Stan's posts (now that we are both contributing) other than the small bit of text that says "posted by..." on the main page. I wish I could make the text different, or have a little icon by our posts or something. Maybe this can be done with Movable Type, but not Greymatter. I tried to install MT once, but I just don't have the patience or time to learn that.

I am not looking forward to Labor Day. First of all, I can't remember a Labor Day when Stan *wasn't* at work...not like it matters, I don't care about that, it just means he gets paid more for working a holiday, plus he gets to take the holiday at a more convenient time later. But something bad always happens on Labor Day with our animals...Hieronymus fell down the stairs in 2000 and it crippled him for weeks. Last year our cat Natasha died. No, I'm not looking forward to Labor Day.


Hope it's not an evil pattern that will continue, most likely it was just a bad coincidence and all your pets will get through Labor Day safely and unharmed. Maybe you should lock them into your bedroom or something that day just in case ;)

Posted by Nico @ 08:31:2002:12:56 PM CST

Well, in 1999 we got a squirrel in the house that day. Not exactly pet-related, but definitely animal related. And our pets were freaking out. So since things come in threes, maybe this trend is over. A fourth year of animal weirdness would just be too much.

Posted by Ann @ 08:31:2002:05:14 PM CST

When I was a kid I brought a squirrel into the house, it definately made my mom and grandma freak out ;o) I can imagine your animals freaked out differently and started chasing it around instead of screaming in panic ;)

Posted by Nico @ 09:01:2002:03:56 PM CST

This is how it happened: Squirrel got into our basement via the dryer vent, ran upstairs, probably saw a cat or two, freaked out, climbed up onto one of my paintings. I come downstairs, see the late and lovely Natasha staring intently at my painting, looked up to where she was gazing, saw squirrel, freaked out (not for me, but for the other pets), squirrel freaked out, ran into the kitchen and into a cupboard, and I quickly thought to close the cupboard door and bolt it shut so that it'd at least be locked away until animal rescue could remove it. It stayed that way for many hours, and since it was Labor Day, animal rescue wasn't excactly well-staffed. Hope it found something to eat there.

So did you let the squirrel in the house on purpose? :-D

Posted by Ann @ 09:01:2002:05:26 PM CST

Those squirrels are pretty fast and not easy to catch, they're damn cute animals though. Yes, I brought it into the house on purpose, plan was to keep it as a pet since my damn parents would never let me have a cat or a dog ;)

Posted by Nico @ 09:02:2002:08:38 AM CST

I couldn't get a cat until I was 14, and then it ran away/got kidnapped so then we got another and it died from feline enteritis within a few days, so then I had to wait a few months before we could another one (ages for a 14-year old). A dog would've been out of the question because my dad hates them. So that's why I have two of each now because I had a deprived childhood. Everything is a reaction to a reaction.

Posted by Ann @ 09:02:2002:09:24 AM CST

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