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12:20:2002 Entry: "Ann : DREAM?/Pink Floyd"

DREAM?/Pink Floyd

I've been remembering my dreams as soon as I awaken, but after I've been conscious for about an hour I've been forgetting them.

Last night Stan and I watched a "Behind the Music" on Pink Floyd. It was rather enlightening for me, as I really didn't know that much about the band (embarrassing fact #1, music fan that I am), however VH1's production sadly neglected to look at anything but their more commercially successful albums, a big omission that we both noticed. Growing up a teenager in the 70s, you didn't need to buy "Dark Side of the Moon" because it was always on FM radio. Stan, however, who grew up Somewhere West of Hell where there were no AOR or college radio stations to be found, somehow managed to discover Pink Floyd when he was in college, and used to have quite a few of their albums, preferring early Floyd, esp. Syd Barrett era. The only album of theirs that I did get was (embarrassing fact #2) "The Wall", which was IMHO their least impressive offering--the concept was rather blatant and obvious. But Stan had their earlier works, and I remember one time when we were spending a night together, he put on "Animals." He had a red light in his bedroom which he claimed was restful on the eyes. We reclined on his airmattress/sleeping bag, probably under the influence of something, and listened to music all night. It was intense. Since the Big Move over 13 years ago which forced us to get rid of all our vinyl lps, the only Floyd that we now have in our collection is a cd of "The Piper at the Gates of Dawn" that Stan found used quite a few years ago.

So last night, I think I dreamt about the music of Pink Floyd, I just can't remember anything linear or coherent enough, and I had a bad headache (still do). But I think it's telling me we should consider getting some of your old collection back on cd, what do you think, Stan? Maybe I can appreciate them now because I *didn't* own "Dark Side of the Moon" and play it to death as a teenager.


Ann I'm glad you have good memories of us when we were so young. I think it's great that you like early Floyd, and it's very soothing - isn't it? I wonder if anyone has ever asked Eno if they were one of his influences? I think in spite of how bad The Wall is, as music, their work is holding up very well as being deep and interesting and unique. I liked seeing the special too and hearing the members talk about their feelings concerning Sid's mental issues. It's really too bad that Sid couldn't have stayed productive as a song writer/singer. He was really amazing.

Posted by Stan @ 09:15:2002:08:02 PM CST

I think the music that you brought to the relationship (Pink Floyd, Roxy Music, Eno, Talking Heads and even Blondie!) have rubbed off on me in my old years!

I can't believe it's been 20 years since that time I mentioned in my above post! We should be's some sort of milestone or anniversary or something. Or maybe I'm just feeling (ugh) nostalgic.

Posted by Ann @ 09:15:2002:08:12 PM CST

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