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12:20:2002 Entry: "Ann : Am I missing something..."

Am I missing something...

...because I don't understand the concept of people choosing famous people as avatars for forums/message boards/etc.? Why don't they choose their own picture? Because they're ugly? They could doctor it a bit, but choosing a picture of someone that they're not? I don't get it. It's obviously *not* (insert name of famous rockstar/actress/WWF personality/infamous serial killer/notorious Betty Ford Clinic resident/celebriteeee) at the message board, then what's the point of using their image? What is it about this culture that I just don't get?


damn...i think i'm missing it too! or maybe i am having a brunette moment...;)

who's doin that?

although, it took me awhile to figure out that the female cancer sign was you, and the male taurus sign was stan...'duh'....

see, another sign i have children, and it has robbed me of precious brain cells. LOL

Posted by Lori @ 09:16:2002:06:09 PM CST

who's doin that?

It's everywhere in various forums/message boards, etc.

although, it took me awhile to figure out that the female cancer sign was you,

But at least I didn't use a picture of Gwynneth Paltrow or something! :-D

Posted by Ann @ 09:16:2002:09:46 PM CST

well hell, you're a helluva lot prettier than gweneth......

Posted by Lori @ 09:16:2002:11:15 PM CST

Really? (blown away) Thanks, Lori!

One time when some friends of ours were trying to figure out who would play us in a movie (as if), someone cast Gwynneth as me. I dunno... Stan says Diane Keaton looks a lot like me, but she'd have to play me when I'm older (which is a very strange concept to think about because I'll never get older than Diane Keaton)...but it's all hypothetical anyway. Dang...all these actresses are too tall and thin to play me anyway. (not that I want to be taller...I wouldn't have an appreciation for short men, then)

Posted by Ann @ 09:17:2002:08:28 AM CST

Never thought about it, but when you mention it, yes it's kind of strange. On the other hand, too many people just talk shit about others and everything on the messageboards, guess that's a reason to not post a picture of themselves or use their name.

Posted by Nico @ 09:17:2002:04:23 PM CST

..and wow, you look a whole hell better than Diane Keaton.

Posted by Someone who look better than Woody Allen ;) @ 09:17:2002:04:25 PM CST

...too many people just talk shit about others and everything on the messageboards...

Actually, I never thought about that. You're right, maybe that's a good reason to keep your anonymity. I don't go to those kinds of message boards, so it never occurred to me.

And don't let Stan hear you say that about Diane...he LOVES Diane! :-D And I do look like her, I really do (I even see it myself, especially when I watch 70s-era movies like Looking for Mr. Goodbar and Annie Hall), except I'm younger (than she is now). And shorter. And plumper.

Posted by Ann @ 09:17:2002:05:24 PM CST

And yes, you DO look better than Woody Allen!

But I love Woody Allen's movies...especially his early funny ones. ;-D

Posted by Ann @ 09:17:2002:05:26 PM CST

Hmm.. since Stan is sharing your blog I'm afraid he might have seen it already.. ;)

Posted by Nico @ 09:19:2002:06:05 AM CST

Yeah, but sometimes he spaces on looking at the comments. ;-)

Yo Stan, you there? :-D

Posted by Ann @ 09:19:2002:07:57 AM CST

See? No Stan.

Posted by Ann @ 09:20:2002:09:16 AM CST

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