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12:20:2002 Entry: "Ann : Two DREAMs"


1.) I was at a mall, like the original Foothills Fashion Mall from the 70s. I think I was by myself, however my parents had brought me there in a car that looked like Stan's dreadful '73 Ford Galaxy beater we used to have. I wanted to leave, so I went out to the parking lot, but they weren't in the car, so I decided I'd look around in the mall to see if I could find them and tell them I was ready to leave. I walked up and down the mall and looked in every store, but didn't see them. Then I went out to the parking lot again, where I saw them get in the car and take off. I started yelling at them to not leave, to wait, that I wanted a ride, but they didn't hear me and took off. It was raining and the mall was closing down and I had no way to get "home."

2.) I was staring out over a large body of water...I think it was Lake Monona, but I wasn't sure. It was foggy, and there were three helicopters in the sky that were descending on the lake. They hovered over the surface for a while, then dropped directly down into the water. It was supposed to be some sort of strange military symbolism...supposedly the helicopters were sent on a mission to recover people/dead bodies, but they found nothing, so they had to destroy themselves, at least symbolically. I think there was a second set of three helicopters as well, but it was so foggy it was hard to see.

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