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12:20:2002 Entry: "Ann : The Flowers Live"

The Flowers Live

Our neighbors didn't rototill all the flowers after all! They moved them to the perimeters. I am very much relieved.

On a not so nice note, however, I've had a freaking headache for days now that doesn't seem to go away with the use of painkillers.

And riddle me this: I place an order for 4 things from Amazon Monday night, all of them say "Usually Ships Within 24 Hours." I requested they be sent by two-day shipping because I want them before we leave on vacation (travel music! 8-D) I glance at my order status yesterday. It says estimated date of arrival September 25. WTF? So, um, if you place an order on the 16th, let's say 17th because it was at night, and it ships within 24 hours, that means it ships on the 18th, which means I should have it on the 20th, not the 25th, right? Do the math. It also says "Shipping estimate: September 23". SSSSoooo....since when is the difference of almost a week 24 hours?


Ann, did you select the free Super Saver shipping?

Because what that *really* means is "we'll take our sorry ass time to get you your stuff nyah nyah nyah".

I ordered a scanner using the free shipping and it took a month to get to me.

Posted by Yvonne @ 09:18:2002:11:49 PM CST

That always happen. Like when you go to a store and ask for something and they say they don't have it, but they'll get it next week. Make it a month ;)
Where are you going on vacation?

Posted by Nico @ 09:19:2002:06:08 AM CST

No, I chose 2nd day air. I was afraid the super saver would take too long. This is making me mad. I could've just gone to Borders in town to buy them, but a couple of the things were rather obscure (by Borders' mainstream standards) and I've been rather under the weather, so I ordered it the ez-chair way.

We're going to 1) Colorado for a couple weeks to see friends and family, then coming home for a few days to deliver some art in state/catch up on stuff, then 2) Upper Peninsula Michigan to see Stan's halfbiosister Adria and meet her husband and kids for the 1st time, (we'll be on the road during Halloween...guess no Ozzie costume for Stan...bummer), then home for a few days again to catch up on stuff, then 3) New England to meet Stan's biograndmother and biohalfbrothers (from the opposite side of Stan's biofamily as his biosister above) for the 1st time, see his biomom, see the Coast (which I haven't been to in like...over 30 years?), see the places I used to live when I was a kid, hopefully get to see Hammond's castle which I remember from when I was 6 and fell in love with.

We'll be home by Thanksgiving to spend it alone. Whew.

Posted by Ann @ 09:19:2002:08:07 AM CST

By Ann @ 20:25 PM CST:12:20:02 ..::Link::..