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12:20:2002 Entry: "Ann : 24-Hour Trainwreck"

24-Hour Trainwreck

I decided to watch a little bit of the 24-hour trainwreck, i.e., 24 hours of Courtney Love on MTV2, a channel I normally wouldn't watch due to their complete neglect of anything of historical musical importance. Call it my morbid fascination with how superfluous plastic surgery destroys people *who don't need it.* Admittedly, she has been playing some good videos, videos that would be be relegated to their dusty vaults or for a VH1's obscure 80s weekend. But her presentation is so awful, she is totally incoherent, frog-voiced and tangential. She'll start talking about a band, go off on a tangent on their producer had sex with her best friend's plastic surgeon and then she'll tangent on her own plastic surgery and why someone else *didn't* get plastic's like namedrop central with no recognizable content. Stan said it's like watching Liza Minnelli going into rehab. I know I tend to write a little tangentially myself, so I sort of understand that, wanting to say so much about a certain topic while your mind is racing and branching out into all these related sub-topics, and I know what it is like to be excited about bands that you want to educate others about, but I think in her case it's more just wanting to show off how much she knows about the personalities involved (or to insinuate that she slept with them), not as much as being excited about the music itself. Now, I have a life so I haven't watched the entire 24 hours worth, but I do notice a rather obvious lack of Sonic Youth videos. Hmm.

And what is it with her teeth? So she had some crookedness that was never corrected by orthodontia. So what. At least her mouth/teeth looked *normal* before. Now it looks like she has some protruding white prosthesis coming out of her mouth. Simply odd. Falsley whitened teeth give me the creeps. And the cheekbone implants...why? I simply do not understand plastic surgery culture.

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