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12:20:2002 Entry: "Ann : DREAM - fertilizer, chinchillas, malls"

DREAM - fertilizer, chinchillas, malls

I dreamt that Stan and I were at my parent's house. They told us that soon we'd be able to let the dogs come into their bedroom because they're in the process of clearing out the fertilizer; once the fertilizer is gone, the dogs would be allowed in. Evidentally, they had some commercial grade fertilizer (like the kind you get at greenhouses for plants) in their bedroom, and I guess it took quite a bit of effort for them to remove it--they couldn't just take the package out of their room, they had to shovel scoopfulls of it out the window. Weird. IRL, my parents never allow our dogs into their bedroom. Ever. I also dreamt, in the same dream, I guess, that I had a pet chinchilla/flying squirrel/some sort of cute, soft big-eyed rodent thing. It was quite smart and responsive to me, and knew when to crawl on me when I wanted to go places with it. I was afraid I'd accidentally sit on it, though. Also, I dreamt that I was in Fort Collins with Stan and we were going to buy some more CDs, except the city looked more like Madison. There's this reocurring store in my dreams that is sort of like a very large craft store/five and dime that sells practically everything, and it's located somewhere in the suburbs. That store was in this dream, except this time it was at a mall. I told Stan I didn't want to go into the mall, but we did want music. When we walked into the store, Stan immediately asked an older woman who worked there where the Pink Floyd section was. I felt embarrassed because I was thinking "look under 'p', moron", but there wasn't anything under 'p' so I'm glad he asked her; it was as if he knew when he walked in the store that their categories were really messed up.

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