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12:20:2002 Entry: "Stan : More Terrorism Dreams"

More Terrorism Dreams

In my dream Ann and I were sleeping in a very large house that reminded me of a house that belongs to an aunt and uncle of mine. I had to go to the bathroom, but on my way I kept finding lights and fans on in hallways. While I was turning them off Ann got up to use the restroom too, so I decided to use the bathroom on the other side of the house. The more I walked the bigger the house got as if the bathroom kept getting farther and farther away from me. While I was walking the house soon became as big as a mall, then it was so large that there was an airport between me and the bathroom I was trying to get to. Later I was actually getting close to the bathroom, but the airport was gone and there was a large empty field in it's place. This field reminded me of of the eastern high plains in Colorado where I grew up. The field was very flat, very dusty and there was a lot of dried up low growing grasses. I was getting closer to the restroom, and the bedroom where Ann and I were staying was now on the other side of the dusty plain. Next, off on a distant horizon an atom bomb went off and as I stopped to look at the sky I thought that I must be far enough away that the flash didn't hurt me. I became afraid that I could not get back to see Ann before the radiation reached me. It made me very sad to think that we could be separated in a crises like this, so I decided to try and run across the flat field and try to reach her before the rising storm of radiation reached me. While I was running another atomic bomb went off in the sky and this time I saw the flash illuminating the sky. I knew that I could not reach her, and the field I was running in was where my life would momentarily come to it's end.

Then I woke up to realize that this is yet another obnoxious terrorist anxiety dream.

The dream does ring true to what I've always thought about atomic bombs, especially back in the cold war era. If an atom bomb did go off I've always wanted to be right out in the flash, so that death would be certain. I don't want to be one of the survivors who lingers on clinging to life against the horrors of radiation poisoning. The dream was awful, but under the circumstances it ended the way I would want this dream to end if it were real life.


Remember the 80s?

" the flat fieeeeeeeld..."

Posted by Ann @ 09:30:2002:08:40 PM CST

Just like it.

Posted by Stan @ 10:01:2002:07:27 PM CST

By Stan @ 20:25 PM CST:12:20:02 ..::Link::..