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12:20:2002 Entry: "Stan : Vincenzo Bellini"

Vincenzo Bellini

Writing on my iBook is going very well, and now I'm listening to Bellini while I write. When I was younger and painted both in and out of college I use to listen to music in my painting studio. The Virgin Prunes were especially fun to paint to, but now I think they mixed better with painting than they would with writing for me. I think I could also listen to Brian Eno's ambient music and write, as well as a lot of different classical composers too. However, Vincenzo Bellini seems to me to be exceptionally harmonious with writing as if there is something supernatural or cosmic in his music that goes well with the creative flow of writing. I think it's more than just a matter of the subject matter, this music is astonishingly beautiful and it must be for me; very beneficial to creative thinking. Well, all kinds of music for all kinds of people I suppose, but Vincenzo Bellini is a new discovery for me and I am grateful for his music. I can see that his music is quickly becoming an important influence in my creative life.

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