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12:20:2002 Entry: "Ann : DREAM - See Ann Play"

DREAM - See Ann Play

Stan and I were in a room that actually looked like our bedroom, same chairs, but we were visiting Fort Collins. Sitting in one of the chairs was an old boyfriend of mine, Mark. He didn't look a thing like he did as I remember him in high school/college...he was rather bloated. He was telling me how he had actually come to Madison and Milwaukee a few times. I told him that he should have looked me up. (I don't even think he knows where I live) He shrugged and tried to explain something which didn't make any sense, but implied that he was on company time and that would be difficult to do because his employer was paying his expenses. I tried to ask him if he was a cartoonist, but I never got a response. Then I was in a backyard, a big, green backyard that was probably in the back of Bill's house, but it was like his former place on Mulberry Street, but without all the overgrowth. Bill was digging out a large part of his backyard and filling it with water, sort of like a pond, but it was more square and geometric, like a crop circle (crop square?) but with the added element of liquid. There was a very small, sink-sized square that he had constructed with stones and a weird substance that looked like dog poop but that he said was tunafish. I was wearing a tacky shirt that I had tied around my middle and unbuttoned the top, exposing cleavage. I was trying to seduce Bill. I came up to him as he was working on the small cropsquare and asked him what he was doing, and started to step inside of it. He pulled me back and told me not to. I guess it was art or something. Then I stepped in the large crop square, to Bill's chagrin. I was happy and laughing and trying my best to seduce him, but he was pretty oblivious to my intent. There was a table set up in his backyard with people selling music paraphernalia...cds, books, etc. I went over there and found this paperback book that said it was rare old Pink Floyd/Syd Barrett, like pre- "Piper", like Barrett before he even *created* Pink Floyd...60s British Blues stuff. I snatched it. It supposedly contained a CD. I put it in some sort of satchel/purse I had, but I was fully intending to pay for it, but I was going to do that later after I played in the water and on the swing (?). Then I showed the book/CD to Bill. He was opening it up, and it not only had a CD, but a vinyl flexidisc (remember those? I got a lot of them when I subscribed to Trouser Press back in the 80s...I remember the first one they issued was REM...Chronic Town? I wonder if I still kept those...yet I digress) Bill was parental and told me, "next time you get something like this, make sure it's not a flexidisc and make sure it's on CD." I was rather insulted...he obviously didn't see the novelty of the whole thing.

I also remember something very weird, like there was going to be some sort of run/walk to benefit lawyers (ha ha haha hahahah!!!!) advertised on the media, and people were all "ooh, ahh, a lawyer benefit," and I was thinking, "this is absurd, if they had a run/walk to benefit artists, people would just think, "those flakey artists," but since it's lawyers, it's supposedly dignified. I was so pissed that lawyers felt the need to raise money for themselves. Then when I woke up IRL there was a lawyer on the Tom Clark show, discussing how dissed lawyers are in our society. Weird.

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