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12:20:2002 Entry: "Ann : The Piano"

The Piano

Tonight will be the last night of good sleep. The following night I will be somewhere in the middle of nowhere on a stiff mattress with lumpy, knobby sheets and covers in a city whose only redeeming feature is the absolute best coffee shop in the world (where? hint: go cornhuskers. rah.). After that, I will sleep on a roll-away mattress cot next to the piano. I have strange karma about sleeping next to pianos. Not is it the only place I can sleep at my parent's house (unless I want to sleep in their cold, unfinished, concrete floored basement), but when I was a kid and visited my grandmother, I slept next to the piano in her house, on the very same rollaway mattress cot. I don't like pianos. They're like large coffins. Both pianos were my mom's. My grandparents bought her the piano that was at my grandmother's house. She always wanted to play one, and they got her a used player piano when she was a kid. The piano my parents currently have my mom bought when I was about six or so, after my dad landed his first "real" job after his post-doctoral work. They were renting a house, but my mom had to have a piano. I remember going to large city so they could find one--I think it was Providence, but I can't remember. I remember getting awfully tired and bored and whining, and this one nasty old queen of an excuse for a man who was selling pianos complained that I was just like a little old lady, but I think he was looking in a mirror instead. My mom tried to teach me how to play, but I didn't like it. After we moved to upstate New York, I was in 3rd or 4th grade and the music teachers at school came around with information for the kids about learning to play band instruments. I looked over the information and decided I wanted to learn to play the clarinet. I presented the information to my parents, who declined and said no, they could't afford it or something. But my mom had a piano.

I hate pianos, and I especially hate sleeping with them.


I remember a piano that was at the top of a stairway in a public building my grandparents went to frequently when I was young. I was only 4 years old or so and would go to the top of the stairs and seeing the piano I would become afraid and then run back down the stairs. It was a very old upright piano and it frequently visited me in my nightmares too.

Posted by Stan @ 10:02:2002:03:14 PM CST

I love pianos and I'm still hoping to learn playing it. Let us switch, I'll sleep next to the piano and you sleep with my cats ;o)

Posted by Nico @ 10:03:2002:04:42 AM CST

you've got a deal! :)

Posted by Ann @ 10:03:2002:05:50 AM CST

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