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12:20:2002 Entry: "Ann : Recent"


DREAM 10.6.02

Stan and I were somewhere with Bill, at which point I start saying something to Stan like, "don't you have to go take care of something?" implying he should leave Bill and I alone. I then start trying to confess to Bill what I've been keeping secret from him for all these years, but I don't think I tell him everything before I go on to the other part of the dream. In that part, I was at a New Year's Eve party with some 20-something Hollywood one I knew. We were all in a very lavish pool with exquisite architecture and decorations. I was doing sommersaults in the water. I got bored and left and began to walk out of the party, and into the garden. There were a bunch of low-growing shrub bushes and rocks, and running between them were these strange creatures with shrubbery on their backs. It's as if the creatures put the shrubbery on their backs to camoflauge themselves. There was a woman in the garden and she showed me one of the creatures. It was like a cross between a marsupial and a large lizard. Underneath the camoflauge of leaves, the animal had purple leathery skin, and a soft underbelly sort of like an armadillo.



It's amazing how dogs know/have a second sense about people. For example, when Bill came by my parent's house last Friday, Plato barked at him initially because he was a stranger to him, or at least he couldn't remember him from last year. After Bill had been in the house for a few minutes, Plato completely accepted him, and wanted to play with him as we were leaving. But he still barks at my dad, even though he's been sharing the house with him since Friday. Sometimes all my dad has to do is stand up, and Plato will bark at him. I think Plato is a very intelligent dog.

Remember this dream? I had a very strange occurrence on Sunday. It was like my dream, reversed, mirrored and manifested in reality. I've always sort of shared a psychic thing with Bill. But as Stan and I were driving in the mountains, Stan was going through our CDs to find something to play, Bill spotted "Piper at the Gates of Dawn," and mentioned he had Syd Barrett's "Madcap Laughs" and that he'll give it to me. Just out of the blue. I never know what to say when people say they'll give me things, whether they mean it or not (usually it's just talk), so I thanked him. When we got back up to his place later in the day I happened to spot "Madcap" and started looking at it, and he said that it was for me. OK, so I wasn't in Bill's former backyard with the crop squares and the cd/book sale, and so it wasn't pre-Pink Floyd Barrett--it was post-, and there was no flexi-disc enclosed, but it was just very strange. I then told Bill about the dream. I didn't tell him about the part where I was trying to seduce him, however. Heh.


DREAM 10.8.02

I was looking at a CD/book of the Velvet Underground. It was like a biography of the band/members. There were pictures of them when they were young. I remember there was a picture of John Cale as a child and he looked like the kid who played the young Oscar Wilde in Velvet Goldmine.

I doubt I will now have the experience of Bill giving me something Velvet-related, and anyway, Bill wasn't even in the dream...The Syd Barrett thing was one of those weird once-in a trip-time experiences. And although a fan of Cale's, Bill can't stand Lou Reed, a point of contention with us, so I'm not sure what he thinks of the VU. Anyway, I'm pretty well set with that part of music history, having acquired all the necessary Velvet music 20 years ago.


"Sometimes all my dad has to do is stand up, and Plato will bark at him. I think Plato is a very intelligent dog."

LOL! =o)

I didn't know the Velvet Goldmine was about Oscar Wilde, or is he just a biperson? How old is this movie and is it on video?

Posted by Nico @ 10:09:2002:06:43 AM CST

It's not about Oscar Wilde, however a short little bit about him sets the stage for the movie, and he's also a running theme throughout it, like a historical reference.

There's a link on my page to where you can buy the movie....I hope it's still working.

The movie came out in late 1998.

Best damn soundtrack ever (Cabaret, Rocky Horror Picture Show, Repo Man, A Clockwork Orange are amongst my other fave soundtracks)

Posted by Ann @ 10:09:2002:09:15 AM CST

alone. I alone. I never have the
Gates of the
house when we were
driving in the garden.
Later in the
experience of the
other part I will bark
at him.
Bill had purple leathery

Posted by aseyelum @ 11:08:2002:03:23 PM CST

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