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12:20:2002 Entry: "Ann : DREAM - Bleachers"

DREAM - Bleachers

I was with a very large group of people in what appeared to be a school gymnasium. I think we were standing on bleachers; I was in the top/back row. There were some people, high school age I guess, wearing purple and asking me and the other people I was with questions that were really obnoxious and that I didn't have an answer to, as I was just a visitor there and didn't know what to say. This caused some disruption and fighting, and the bleachers started to fall down, starting with the lowest row and working its way up toward the top. The people in the row in front of me were trying not to fall, but the row of people I was in was mad at them, so they pushed them over. It was extremely frightening, as people were dying as the rows of bleachers fell and people were crushed. The row of bleachers I was on was the only row that didn't fall. I started to leave the building, and thought that I better call 911 on my cellphone, but I noticed someone else doing it, so I didn't. I then headed home, as I didn't want to be around when the police came.


Thatīs really a strange dream. Well, I guess every dream that takes place in a school is a nightmare. Now that I think of it...even every- day life in school was a nightmare...

Posted by Nina @ 10:11:2002:09:42 AM CST

There were trying
not to fall down, starting with questions that fall down, starting with a strange dream.

Posted by aseyelum @ 11:08:2002:03:17 PM CST

By Ann @ 20:25 AM CST:12:20:02 ..::Link::..