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12:20:2002 Entry: "Ann : DREAMS - Fly Fishing and Schmoes"

DREAMS - Fly Fishing and Schmoes

It's so good to catch up on sleep. Last night I slept especially well, and had some very odd dreams, which need a little background information first.

The Backgrounds:

1.) On our trip, I found out that Bill fly fishes. This seemed strange to me. (unless I think of it in terms of Bill being the Agent Cooper character in Twin Peaks fly fishing with Major Briggs). Stan and Bill also explained to me that fly fishing is not about hunting and gathering, it is about the art of standing in the water, tying flies...a Zen meditation thing. Bill says if he does catch a fish, he releases it, not eats it. I find this odd. I would eat it. I argued with Bill that he's hurting the fish by releasing it because it was caught on a hook (Bill's mostly vegetarian). He claims that fish don't feel the same way mammals do. I don't know, I still think it's hurting the fish, and if I were to catch a fish, I would consume it, not let it live with a hole in its mouth. While on the trip, Bill pondered what I said and is now having second thoughts about "torturing the fish" as he puts it. Evidentally, he's not very good of a fly fishermn, so he rarely does catch one, and it's a sport his grandfather practiced, so it's sort of like a family thing to him.

2.) For my parents' wedding back in 1960, they received a strangely shaped vase from some relatives?/friends?. They loved the vase and still display it in their living room (on the floor...I think it needs a better spot, but, what can I say?). The vase is approximately a foot high and if it were a person it would be rather pear shaped. Because of this shape, and because of the generation my parents were coming from, they nicknamed it "The Schmoo" which is based on some weird character thing from the old comic strip "Li'l Abner." Evidentally the vase was "schmoo-shaped." OK, this is outside of MY genertaion, but that's what I hear, anyway. Plus there was a M*A*S*H episode (closer to my generation) with Schmoos in it. Whatever. I know, that's weird.

Now, The DREAMs:

1.) Stan, Bill and I were in Chicago downtown by the waterfront around sunset. We were looking up at a large skyscraper. There was a man standing on a balcony who appeared to be throwing things into the lake. We were wondering what the heck was going on, wondering if it was a threat to society or something. We got closer to him, and I realized that he was fly fishing off of the balcony. I remember saying "Look, Bill, he's fly fishing." We had a laugh over that. Then I got separated from Stan and we were still on vacation. We were in a smallish town, and I found a grocery store where I thought I might find him. The store was open, but everyting inside was covered with sheets...they were doing some remodelling...and the lights were quite dim, so they really weren't open for business. I left and went outside and waited for Stan. I think I woke up.

2.) I was at my grandmother's old house in Racine *simultaneously* while I was at my parent's house in Colorado. In my grandmother's living room was this very tall (7 feet?) wooden sculpture that was called "The Schmoe" (not schmoo....schmoe.) It was most ominous. It had a head-like shape at the top, breast/torso shape and a fat butt-like shape. It was sort of like if a knight's armour was made out of wood and constructed for the female body type. It had carving and black lines on it, reminiscent of Northern Pacific Indian tribes' artwork. It was hollow so that a human could crawl inside of it. Then, at my parent's house, I was with Bill (I don't know where Stan was) and my mother was telling us that she'd like to bring The Schmoe up from the basement...I guess it had been in storage down there since they had moved my grandmother out to Colorado. I went downstairs with Bill and saw The Schmoe underneath the stairs in their laundry room. It was very creepy. I also found some old clothes of mine down there, specifically a faux leather skirt. I knew the skirt was too tight to fit in now, but I thought I'd try it on anyway so that I could look sexy for Bill.


Add A fish, feel the top, breast/torso shape and
a human could
crawl inside of Northern Pacific Indian artwork.

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