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12:20:2002 Entry: "Ann : Upcoming Itinerary"

Upcoming Itinerary

As I was printing out Yahoo Maps today for our trip out east next week, I thought, hey, since we'll be going through the Cleveland area anyway, why not see the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame? Kind of a spur of the moment thing. I hope it's worth it.

So, next Monday we leave Madison, drop the dogs off at the kennel (and hope Plato doesn't get sick again). We'll stop at South Bend, Indiana, and see where I lived when I was 1-5 years old. Then we'll get a place for the night around Cleveland.

Tuesday we'll hopefully see the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. (I'm majorly bummed Brian Eno/Roxy Music have not been inducted yet.) We'll probably either stay in Cleveland again or head toward upstate New York.

Wednesday sometime we'll arrive in Liverpool and see where I used to live from age 7-10. Then we'll head toward the Boston area. We'll probably have to stay somewhere in upstate New York or northern Massachusetts.

If this were before Labor Day, at this point we would drive up to Gloucester to see Hammond's Castle. As it works out, it will be impossible to see it during this trip, as they are not open on weekdays after Labor Day. MAJOR BUMMER. I wanted to see Hammond's Castle so bad...I remember it from my childhood. I hope there will be other opportunities when we'll be in that area either during a tourist season or on a weekend.

Thursday we'll find the last place my Dad lived in Malden, MA, the place I remember visiting my grandparents (no more than 3 times). Then we'll head toward southern MA to see Raynham, where I lived from age 5-7. Hopefully we can catch the 5 pm ferry for the Island. We'll spend a few days on the Island with Stan's mom, grandmother and hopefully meet his half brothers for the first time.

I know I'll fall in love with it...I love the sea. I even fall in love with Lake Superior when we go up's sort of a surrogate sea for the Upper Midwest.


If you're up for interesting architecture while in Cleveland, you can check out the "new business" building at CWRU... it's kinda freaky looking.

Other things of interest in the Cleveland area may be the Great Lakes Science Center and the Cleveland Museum of Art.

Sorry, I go to school in Cleveland. ;)

Posted by jaya @ 11:03:2002:05:32 PM CST

Wow, what an incredible looking piece of architecture! It's like something I'd like to do in Bryce.

We won't have much time to spend when we're there 'cause our schedule is pretty tight, but that would be a fascinating building to see.

Posted by Ann @ 11:04:2002:08:05 AM CST

Amazing how once you get to the east coast the cities sound like you're in Britain. :)) For a few seconds I actually wondered if you were driving to New York to catch a plane to England!

Posted by Leann @ 11:07:2002:08:18 AM CST

Yeah, especially Liverpool!--it's like I have that in common with the Beatles--sort of. ;-) Maybe my young life as an eastcoaster sort of set in motion my later anglophilia.

BTW, I think Wisconsin has the strangest sounding towns of any state...all that Wau- stuff. :-D

Posted by Ann @ 11:07:2002:10:18 AM CST

Calculate a place I know.

Posted by aseyelum @ 11:08:2002:02:31 PM CST

By Ann @ 20:25 PM CST:12:20:02 ..::Link::..