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12:20:2002 Entry: "Ann : DREAM - Lake Minnesota"

DREAM - Lake Minnesota

Stan and I were going to take a short vacation to Minnesota/Minneapolis area, however we were heading up to Northern Wisconsin, and crossed the state line where in actuality Lake Superior would be. It was very surreal; the landscape was that of the West, like Colorado, nothing like Minnesota. There was this vast terrain of ragged (not peaked, but just rocky) mountains with red and grey rock formations. We were travelling along a ridge of mountains at the summit and there was a dam that we crossed. It appeared that the water had run over the road...rather scary. I was hoping that it wouldn't be flooded upon our return. Once we got to a city, we got a cheapo motel with bad decor and uncomfortable beds. We were talking and realized we forgot to bring all our toiletries, so we had to make a trip to a store to pick some up. I was debating whether I would need to purchase a hair dryer or not. There was a restaurant that I think was Chinese across the street from our motel. It looked like it was run by the mob.


Just rocky mountains with red, and I
was very surreal.

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