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12:20:2002 Entry: "Ann : Crazy Plastic Diamonds, Agate Slabs and other strange DREAMs"

Crazy Plastic Diamonds, Agate Slabs and other strange DREAMs

I think I have the best dreams when I injest Nuprin, oddly enough. Or maybe it just makes me sleepy enough so that I finally get REM sleep or whatever it is that makes you go deep.

I was in a library or classroom or waiting room or someplace where there were books to read. It was a casual sort of environment, and I got myself a book to look at while I waited for whatever I was waiting for. It was like a collage, a very non-conventional, non-linear was sort of in little pieces. I then realized the book was by Syd Barrett. There was an envelope in the book that contained small items, small strips of paper with words on them. It fell to the floor and I bent down to pick it up, and realized there were a lot more pieces that had fallen than I thought. Some of the pieces were plastic, like small plastic dies or polygonal shapes, like rock crystals, but plastic (crazy plastic diamonds? heh). Then I went into a room...I think Stan was with me. We were talking to a woman who was supposedly a relative of Syd's, but she was American, not British. She was foraging through a scrapbook of hers of stuff that Syd had written. She was puzzled as to why we were interested.

I woke up, had bad cramps, took more Nuprin, went back to sleep.

I was with an old boyfriend from high school. I was standing in the back of my parent's house with him and had my arm around his stomach...odd. I think I then went into my parents house and there were a bunch of people there and I was trying to introduce everybody. I also remember seeing myself from the back, as if I was out of my body. My hair was very long and blonde (dyed, probably), but the roots growing in weren't that dark. Then I was in a room with a bunch of other people I didn't know. I don't know why, but we were sitting up high on a ledge. One of the other people was talking about someone and how they didn't like them because they weren't spontaneous enough. I feared that I may not have been spontaneous enough myself, so I started acting very strangely, like swinging from fixtures on the ceiling, climbing on shelves, saying weird noises to other people, etc. Then I was in another room with very strange, surreal furniture. I specifically remember one was made of brown rock with streaks, like agate. It was large enough for one to lie on, which I did. I reclined on it, but it had a very strange place to put your head. I can't describe it too well, but it was like a bunch of other slabs stacked up, then dowelled together so that they could be moved/swivelled apart from eachother and repositioned. It was strange, and sort of Egyptian. As I started to lay my head down, this very strange woman came up to me, who was like an Egyptian figurine, very tall, very strong, very stiff, and lifted me up off the slab. She was angry...she didn't want me there, and then she started destroying items of mine so that I would let her have the slab. She had what appeared to be a small snake or snake head inside a glass ball--this was supposed to be a sacred possession of mine--and smashed it with a rock against a tree. I started to cry and woke up and couldn't stop crying. Weird.

After I realized it was just a dream, I went back to sleep.

I was back at my parent's house in their basement, except it was huge and vast and went on forever. I was being put in a room down there, which would be my own room, except it didn't have much privacy because the basement was unfinished. I was looking for some furniture that I could use in the room, and it appeared that they had quite a nice supply of wicker stuff, very unlike the way it is in real life. I was getting dressed down there and realized the rest of my clothes were elsewhere, so I was wandering around half naked.


Crazy plastic like a nice supply
of people,
there were books to
introduce everybody.

Posted by Ann @ 11:08:2002:02:23 PM CST

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