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12:20:2002 Entry: "Ann : Hieronymus, etc."

Hieronymus, etc.

I have lost sleep again. Monday morning Hieronymus developed diarrhea. Stan said it was probably because he fed him some left over Mexican food. We tried the same regimen on him as we did to Plato, minus the medicine that the vet prescribed for Plato. However, Wednesday morning Hieronymus was getting worse, so we took him to the vet. He was literallly squirting at the vets, it was horrible. I think the vet was worried about him. The weird thing is, she doubts his diarrhea is related to Plato's because he developed it later, so it was probably not related to their stay at the kennel. It's just so coincidental. I keep asking Stan rhetorically, "what are the odds?" This morning they called with his blood tests, which are normal, especially for a dog his age (he's almost 12), except for some elevated stress indicators, which is to be expected in his condition. He hasn't shat at all today, so the medicine that he is on now must be working. But I'm very tired and have no energy, no anything. I can't do anything creative at all. Stan thought I was getting up in the middle of the night to throw up. I wasn't, but I sure felt like it. We've had to bathe Hieronymus about four times so far. Fortunately, no rugs were ruined. Unlike Plato who was a good dog and barked to be taken outside, Hieronymus just went in the house. We never had to teach him to bark to go outside because he was always so good and held it in until we took him out, unlike Plato. I just hope he'll be well enough to be boarded again on Monday.

I'm glad that Jeffrey Dahmer look-alike Governor Scott McCallum will not have another four years. I'm not as pleased about the *rest* of the country re: Tuesday's elections. It's depresssing.

I'm just so tired.


Calculate a good dog and have another.

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