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12:20:2002 Entry: "Stan : Singing "Animals" Dream"

Singing "Animals" Dream

The dream I had that Ann has written about was a situation where I was singing to someone I use to know. The situation was strange because rather than singing as a singer sings to an audience; I was singing to one person while they were running away from me like they didn't want to hear the song. This person is some sort of male disney witch in my opinion because they are preoccupied with acquiring money, sex, and the appearances of material success. I don't want to use this person's name because I greatly dislike them and I want them to stay out of my life.

I knew after I woke up that the lyrics were from Pink Floyd's Animals, and I thought the song was Pigs. However, when I reread the lyrics from Animals I found that I was singing Dogs instead of Pigs. The following is the part of the song I remember singing:

"Deaf, dumb and blind you just keep on pretending
that everyone's expendable and no one has a real friend.
And it seems to you the thing to do would be to isolate the winner.
And everything's done under the sun,
And you believe at heart everyone's a killer."

If this were real life I'm sure the message in the music would be lost on this person, but at least I enjoy them.


It makes sense that it was "Dogs" because we were just discussing that specifically the other night in reference to people.

I think if I were singing though, it would probably be to "Pigs". I can hear it now.

Captive Noses Pink Floyd Tribute Album? snort. Oh yeah, note to self, gotta add the Noses to the Dictionary.

Posted by Ann @ 11:09:2002:09:33 PM CST

You believe at
heart a singer sings
an audience.

Posted by aseyelum @ 11:10:2002:10:51 AM CST

By Stan @ 20:26 PM CST:12:20:02 ..::Link::..