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12:20:2002 Entry: "Ann : DREAM - Doctor Anxiety"

DREAM - Doctor Anxiety

I was at a medical clinic, and I was in for my yearly exam. But it was most surreal. There was a woman in line ahead of me who was pregnant and talking to the doctor who was a light skinned black woman. And although I didn't have anything to do with the previous patient, I had to talk to the doctor too on behalf of the other patient. Except that's all I did, I didn't have to undress for the exam or was more like a consultation. I was trying to explain to the doctor that I wasn't pregnant, the other patient was. I was holding an object in my hand which I think was my powersupply for my iBook. The doctor then had to take my blood pressure which seemed quite high. She was dragging me around by the blood pressure arm thing, went into another room, and then she turned into a darkhaired white male.

By Ann @ 20:26 AM CST:12:20:02 ..::Link::..