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12:20:2002 Entry: "Ann : DREAMs - Two dumb ones"

DREAMs - Two dumb ones

1) I was trying to record something either off the radio or tv or something, but I was doing it the half-assed way I used to do it in high school before I could afford a radio/tape recorder that you could record directly from, i.e., I had the tape recorder in front of the speaker of the radio and then hit "record" button to get all that wonderful background noise et al.

2) I was lying in bed and realized it was 9 o'clock and Stan had to be at the early shift and the alarm never went off. We thought it was strange that his job didn't try to call him.


I've had dreams about work before where I came in hours late because I was driving around. Just driving around. And when I finally showed up and my boss asked me why I was so late, I'd say ... I was just ... ya know ... driving around ....

Posted by Marlee @ 11:24:2002:09:50 AM CST

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