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12:20:2002 Entry: "Ann : Two more dumb DREAMs (this is getting old)"

Two more dumb DREAMs (this is getting old)

1) Stan gave me a bowl of whipping cream and an electric mixer and told me to whip up some cream, so I did, but it wasn't as if he had prepared any meal for the whipped cream to go on, so I just kept whipping and whipping until the cream started disappearing. When I stopped, the cream started disolving and turning to liquid.

2) I was sitting on a corner of East Washington (3500 block or so) and some side street. A small compact car driven by some idiot teenage girl and some young male passenger made a left turn onto the side street and nearly ran me over. I gave them the finger, but then thought that probably wasn't too smart being that there were two of them, plus the car, and there was only one of me.


No, you shouldn't give anyone the finger if you are alone and outnumbered cause you can easily find yourself in a less fun situation, I know these things by experience ;o)

Posted by Nico @ 11:26:2002:05:25 AM CST

I seem to have an automatic trigger finger. Even in my dreams.

Posted by Ann @ 11:26:2002:08:56 AM CST

Just make sure to keep your hands in your pockets when you walk through scary places at night ;)

Posted by Nico @ 11:26:2002:04:25 PM CST

Prolly won't happen. I've been spending all my nights in front of the telly watching videes. Yeah, I'm old. And it keeps me out of trouble. '-)

Posted by Ann @ 11:26:2002:10:20 PM CST

By Ann @ 20:26 PM CST:12:20:02 ..::Link::..