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12:20:2002 Entry: "Ann : hello?"


I swear sometimes I am the only person that notices things. I mean Google has what, googled 3 billion some web pages? So I run a search on a few words to see if anyone else has any info on the subject, and I get about four pages of search results, none of which have any information on what I'm looking for. Hasn't anyone else written on these things that I wonder about? Certainly I cannot be so original that I'm the only one that picks up on things. So wot's...uh the deal? When I used to bring up certain subjects on online bulletin/message boards, my posts were met with blank reception. On top of that, it was as if after I posted no one else posted on *anything* for a while either, as if I'd contaminated the board and they had to air it out for a while lest someone come down with some sort of Martian flu. It's as if I'm speaking a different language than the rest of the world. It's like Gordon Cole and Shelly Johnson, but instead of a deaf Gordon Cole, I'm a mute Shelly Johnson that no one can hear except Gordon Cole. I'd love for once for someone to be my Gordon Cole and say 'I understand you perfectly!'

Maybe it's reverse Tommy thing...instead of being deaf, dumb and blind, I'm inaudible, incoherent and invisible.


I don't understand that really, why people wouldn't reply to whatever you posted on message boards, cause you're not weird in any way and your way to think and look at things is often interesting.
Maybe you're too less shallow? ;o)

Posted by Nico @ 11:28:2002:06:01 PM CST

I think I'm from Mars, i.e., not Venus. Ever hear of that book "Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus?" Not that I would give much credence to such a concept, but maybe when the dying planets Venus and Mars sent the corresponding sexes over to inhabit the earth, I accidentally got mixed up with the men from Mars. So now I'm here on earth and no man can understand me because I'm a woman and no woman can understand me because I'm a Martian.

Posted by Ann @ 11:29:2002:08:53 AM CST

By Ann @ 20:26 PM CST:12:20:02 ..::Link::..