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12:20:2002 Entry: "Ann : DREAM and assorted"

DREAM and assorted

Stan and I were going to enter one picture each in a juried show at Pirate*. We were driving around in what I guess was Denver, and found an old building on a corner with a purple/mauve door, however it looked nothing like Pirate, it looked like something more like in Olde Towne Forte Collinse. I forgot what Stan's picture looked like, but mine was rather small, 18x24, framed behind glass and not in my style. There were figures in it...the colors were white, red and black for the most part. I think it was a self portrait, but the figures were small and didn't proportionately take up a good deal of the image; it didn't look like something I would do now even I were to start drawing figures again. There was a woman (30-something?) taking our entries and for some reason, Stan had to call Tim, so he used an office phone at Pirate (btw, it looked nothing like the inside of Pirate either...very small and office-like). After Stan dialed Tim, he hands the phone to me because he has to do something, so I start talking, asking if Tim is there, but there are several people on the line, one of whom is Adria's** husband, Rich. It was most confusing, and I didn't understand why Stan had to use their office phone and call long distance whereas he could've just used our cell phone.

Speaking of which....

There are no ringtones (for our cellphone) for Pink Floyd, David Bowie, Roxy Music, or Lou Reed.

I didn't even bother checking for Brian Eno. Heh.

I mean you'd think at least Bowie and Floyd...

*Pirate was "Pirate, A Contemporary Art Oasis" which was an alternative/independent gallery in Denver in the 1980s. They featured frequent juried "outsider" (meaning, not a Pirate member) shows, which Stan and I entered a lot. I don't think they exist anymore, but I don't know since I haven't lived in CO for quite a while.

**Stan's half-sister

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