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12:20:2002 Entry: "Ann : DREAM doesn't fit."

DREAM doesn't fit.

I must have been a teenager because I was going to spend the night at a girl friend's house (someone I used to know from high school). It was rather spontaneous, so I didn't come equipped with my contact lens supplies (and I was wearing soft lenses, so I must have been over 30 too...inconsistencies). But somehow I managed to find a spare pair at her house. There was also an episode where I was with some people that were near a bathroom and one of them, a woman, was bothered because she saw one male use it 64 times (she counted?) Later in the dream, I was trying on some clothes that didn't fit. My parents were there and they were telling me I looked fine, but my boobs were falling out of the top because the clothes were too small. It was too creepy that they were too oblivious to my dilemma (but very symbolic for how it really is, I suppose).

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