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12:20:2002 Entry: "Ann : DREAMs - Three Different Ones"

DREAMs - Three Different Ones

This is very surreal and hard to explain, but I was online visiting a message forum (I think it was The Cyber Crew, just for the record) and instead of using the requisite smiley icons, someone (I think it was Suzanne Carter-Jackson, just for the record) started inserting actual objects (not just pictures of objects...actual, real, three dimensional textural objects), like figurines, and arranging them in very humorous (and sometimes naughty!) poses, sometimes even on top of eachother. If you can picture this on a webpage. Then other people started posting with actual objects too and the sight of this started cracking me up and I woke myself up laughing.

Next dream I was in a classroom that was for grade schoolers or even preschoolers like the one I used to work in many, many years ago. I think I was a student there, although I think I was adult-size. It was a day we were supposed to get our pictures taken and no one wanted to have their pictures taken. The teacher was out of the room and there were strange sounds outside like trucks. We all turned the lights out, huddled together in a corner on a carpet and hoped that she'd forget about us.

Last dream (although I don't know if I had the classroom dream after or not) I was talking to my mom about food and I outrightly told her that her cooking sucked. When she asked me why, I told her that she uses no spices and that she uses margarine instead of butter (I forgot to mention that she also boils her veggies to death and cooks her fish until it's crusty). She was almost conceding that her cooking was bad.

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