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12:20:2002 Entry: "Ann : These are the things you need that you forgot"

These are the things you need that you forgot

We were having dinner with Tim last night at our favorite Mexican restaurant, Laredo's. Tim *finally* got his favorite Gin and Tonic as he had tried so hard to do over this past year or so. Someone at the bar finally figured out what it was, I guess. Bill called us to tell us that Pan, his cat, died this morning. Pan was 19. Pan was a fixture at Bill's place and will be very sadly missed. Somehow I knew when I saw Pan last the last time that it would be the last time I saw him (is that a palindromic statement or what?). I told Bill that he really needs to get another cat because it takes the mind off the mourning. That's what we did when Vladimir died (four years ago on November 29) by getting Caligula. I asked Bill the question that I've been wondering for the past few months...why the name 'Pan'? He said he didn't name him, a friend of his named him when she found him. I told him that Pan was the Piper at the Gates of Dawn and wondered if there was any significance. Just one of those coincidences, I guess.

After dinner we took Tim to Target because he had to get some contact lens stuff or something. I had a huge Margarita at dinner and really didn't want to be there. Stan, who only had coffee, made some comment while we were standing in the checkout line in regards to the products they place near the checkout lines. I don't know why he said this, in an attempt to make sarcastically fun of consumers and products and mindless consumption or what, but he said:

'These are the things you need that you forgot.'

Suddenly, it seemed so profound, not in terms of consumers and products and merchandising...forget that crap. But in *real* terms. In human, personal terms. In my terms, my life. I could see the Giant from Twin Peaks saying this to Agent Cooper, Cooper looking puzzled. Sounds of Windom Earle and Bob laughing in the background, getting louder until it sounds like the laughing in the intro of Dark Side of the Moon.


Hi Ann

I just thought that I'd mention that in Norway we use the name "Pan" a lot on cats and dogs. esp. dogs, but I know a few cats named Pan also.

Posted by Tove @ 12:03:2002:04:13 PM CST

Hmmm...that's interesting. Does it translate to anything specifically? Or is it just a name?

I don't know what we commonly name our housepets in America, but I once had a friend who called her cat "Fluffy" and my friend Tim's dad called one fo their dogs "Rover." I kid you not. The lack of creativity of some people is simply astounding. I always thought "Rover" was one of those names people never *really* called their dogs. And "Fluffy?"....ugh...shudder.

Maybe they were being highly subtly ironic for ironic's sake and their keen sense of of heady humour simply just went over my head...


Posted by Ann @ 12:04:2002:09:55 AM CST

Pan - I don't know if it refers to something special, it's a very old name. It was even more used in the very old days.

hehe--- yes, there are pets here too with the silliest of names. Don't know why people do that.

I have only one pet now. It's a female cat and her name is Alexis. Wasn't me who named her though, but I think it's an OK name. My black male died from PKD (kidney d.) last summer. Sigh... miss him. His name was Easy Rider. Then we had Gullit, Mia Marilena, Beauty (not by me), Felix, Ida, Betty, Embla Jenny, Maxx, Pandora, Luca, Fernando, Chiquitita, Cleopatra Maxxine, Darlene, Lasse, Exotic Explotion (called Klynken), Davis, Bambina... sigh... did we have so many... Then I had a Cocker Spaniel named Truls. And a Dobermann called Tinka. That's about all....
I am really a cat- and dog lover, but my hubby Stein have asthma, so I can't have more than one cat... and she's 9 years old...

Take care - hugs for your cats and dogs :)

Posted by Tove @ 12:04:2002:02:46 PM CST

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