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12:20:2002 Entry: "Ann : DREAM - Lemon Poodles, Basketball Heads and Denim Faces."

DREAM - Lemon Poodles, Basketball Heads and Denim Faces.

Someone gave me a poodle in exchange for web design work. The poodle was most was lemon flavored. You know how you can taste things by looking at them in your dreams instead of actually 'tasting' it? The thing also looked like lemon meringue pie...those colors, that translucent yellow with the slightest hint of green with white. The thing was really attached to me. I was petting it under its chin and it yelped like it was hurt. I figured it had such a delicate jawline that I hurt it somehow...I'm used to push-faced dogs that have pretty sturdy jaws. I held my hand next to its mouth and it seemed to bite me, but it was just a love sort of sucked on my finger. Its fur was incredibly soft. I didn't want to give the poodle up, it was, after all, a gift, but I didn't know if Tim (who abhors poodles) would accept it, and what on earth would I do with three dogs?

I was at some strange class reunion from high school French class, I think, but it was most mutated. I saw some guy there who I supposedly (dreamwise--there really was no such person IRL) had in my class, but we were talking and it was like he knew me from grade school in New York because we were looking at a map that looked like the Bayberry residential community. He showed me where he lived, and I asked him why there wasn't a street name and he said it was because he didn't live directly in Bayberry. Then it was like the map was real and I was looking down on Bayberry. There was a huge mall that never used to be there before. Then there was a girl that appeared that actually *was* in my French class. I started talking to her before I saw her face and said it was so nice to see her (why? we weren't friends...she was one of the popular people, although I admit she was nicer than most popular people.). IRL she'd always had a weight problem, but when she turned to look at me and her face was like the size of a basketball. It was most freaky and she was very hard to look at. She said that because I was nice to her, she'd let me watch her cellphone while she went off to talk to some other people (gee, thanks). It didn't look like a was too block-shaped, not slender enough. Then the guy who had been talking to me about where we used to live went off to talk to another woman who was sitting somewhere else. I figured it was because he was black and she was black, but when she turned her head, she wasn't black...she was made out of denim. Her whole face was covered in denim. It too, like the basketball-sized headed woman, was most freaky. Then the class or whatever it was let out, and we all started milling around. I was going into other rooms to get stuff to take home with me. This part is blurry, but I think Stan was with me too.

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