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12:20:2002 Entry: "Ann : DREAM - No where to fly to"

DREAM - No where to fly to

Stan and I were in a mall or some large department store. We were wandering around in a section where they sold sort of groovy items like extremely tall lava lamps. It was a very open store, and I picked up a frisbee off a shelf and threw it to Stan. He threw it back to me, but his throw was so bad, it was as if he had no energy or something, but how strong do you have to be to throw a frisbee, I mean really? Then some other guy threw a frisbee and I watched it and the frisbee flew around the aisle, turned the corner of another aisle, turned around, and flew back to the guy! Then I tried it with my frisbee and it did the same exact thing, flew around the room and came back to me. It was wild!


I'm not much of an athelete (sp) and with my abilities a frisbee is takes a lot of energy to throw. Frisbees are heavy.

Posted by Stan @ 12:06:2002:08:57 PM CST


Posted by Ann @ 12:06:2002:09:11 PM CST

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