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12:20:2002 Entry: "Ann : DREAM - Confusion"

DREAM - Confusion

1.) Kind of vague. I think I was in downtown Fort Collins, around Mountain Ave., alone, in the cold. For some reason, I got into a cab to take me to a doctor's appointment. It was at the Dean Clinic in Madison, but in the dream I wanted them to take me to somewhere around Prospect and College. A guy got into the cab with me and he started talking to me and I told him about my doctor's appointment, and that I had to have some operation (?!). He was younger than me...not my type...very clean cut, white, American, yuppie and uninteresting, preoccupied with materialism. I couldn't tell if he liked me or if he just found me a novelty to talk to. The cab driver, an older black man, drove us by the place where I needed to be let off at, but I stayed in the cab, heaven knows why. Then when we got to the place where the young yuppie needed to be let off at, the yuppie tipped him four dollars on a $1.25 fare. ($1.25 fare? what year is this?) I told the cab driver where I needed to go to, but he kept staring at the money given to him and then he said something like 'don't rush me, I'm really confused one's ever tipped me this much before.' It was odd.

2.) I was online visiting some message the Cyber Crew or something similar (web-design-related, not music-related). Someone posted a message and claimed to be Roger Waters. I was thinking, 'that's not Roger Waters, it can't be. Someone did this on purpose to f**k with MY head.' No one on the message board knew who (the real) Roger Waters was either, to add to the bizarreness of the whole thing. I was going to post something in response, but I woke up.

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