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12:20:2002 Entry: "Ann : Why people hate artists"

Why people hate artists

From an e-newsgroup I am subscribed to:

'As a (year and state) Arts Board Fellow I used some of my fellowship monies to build a web site. It should be up by mid (month/year). I encourage all of you to have a look.'

What utter snobbery. I started building my websites over 6 years ago without any assistance of 'fellowship monies,' just going in debt on my credit card to buy software.

Poor little artist couldn't do it without a fellowship. Couldn't invest any of his/her own money in creating a website...had to use the taxpayer's money.

Now before I come off as sounding like a half-cocked Limbaughesque art-hating Republitarian, let me say that I am NOT against investing tax-payer's money in the arts. In fact, MORE of our money should be invested in the arts than it already is. Note that I say 'should be invested in the arts,' not 'invested in the artist.' That means investing in arts organizations, funding non-profit galleries and venues, enabling all artists to participate by having venues available for them to exhibit/perform, funding arts programs in public schools, not giving the little golden boys and girls fellowships so they can feel so goody-goody braggadocious about their little achievements (which is really just a matter of knowing what to write in a grant proposal and whose ass to really isn't about ART). In fact, my attitude is much more socialist in regards to the arts. As it is now, it's a plutocracy (the governing arts board) rewarding their little plutocrats (the fellowshipped artists)

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