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12:20:2002 Entry: "Ann : Ascent/Descent"


Stan, this is what I was trying to explain in the car. I wrote this on November 27th and kept it to myself.

You've been on a path for the past three years climbing what is the highest mountain known to man, the highest summit. You're about to reach the top, but you realize that you've never come across the alternate path along the way, the other path you've known existed all your life. You're about to resign yourself to the fact that maybe you'll never find that path, and maybe it never existed after all. You reach the top and are about to climb back down, as there really is no where else to go after that, when you catch a glimpse of something familiar in the valley below, someplace you remember visiting over 20 years ago. You reach out to get a better look, and as you reach you fall into the precipace. You float, suspended in ether, atmosphere, vapors, smells, sounds, all familiar and inviting, yet there are so many new things along the way, things you did not see years ago because you weren't ready to see them. It's a warm sensation, like an embryonic state as you wait to be reborn into the stars one final time. You close your eyes and you can see the universe flying past you in reverse, speeding backwards in time. You look up and see the constellations all configured and pointing, lit up and extending their hands to you. This was the final step, the one that you'd been searching for. And soon, soon, you'll be home.


This is very beautiful Ann.

Posted by Stan @ 12:23:2002:09:09 PM CST

Thank you, Stan! I'm glad you think so and that you don't think I'm a nut. Or maybe you do anyway, and it's ok.

Posted by Ann @ 12:23:2002:09:16 PM CST

By Ann @ 20:26 PM CST:12:20:02 ..::Link::..