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12:20:2002 Entry: "Ann : DREAM - Dead Suburbia"

DREAM - Dead Suburbia

I was walking around some strange suburban area with upper-middle class houses. There was something very desolate about this place, like it had been wiped out in a nuclear war or something. The houses were fairly new, maybe built in the 80s, and they had multiple levels. I was in the company of Stan and some guy we used to be friends with that we'd rather not see again. I don't know why he was with us, neither do I know why we were walking through this neighborhood. We walked by one house that was landscaped with two small mounds in the front yard; the grass was bare and dying. I jokingly said 'I used to live there.' But the strange thing was is that my parents were inside, and Stan and I and our ex-friend all went inside. We were trying not to be heard by my parents and we were trying to find a room where we could go and not be noticed. There was one strange mezzanine level with a large window that was covered with carpet so that one could sit on the floor and look out the was a rather nice nook and we settled there. But my dad saw us and started asking our ex-friend these very strange philosophical questions that I cannot remember. They were actually having a pretty good conversation.

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