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12:20:2002 Entry: "Ann : Twin Pinks: A Crustless Cherry Pie"

Twin Pinks: A Crustless Cherry Pie

The other day when I was reviewing my search referral statistics, nestled amongst the tiresome plethora of 'my cold dead hands,' the baffling perennial 'naked construction workers,' the amusingly ever-present 'David Sedaris stadium pal,' and the nauseatingly over-repeated 'Greta Van Sustern/Courtney Love/Michael Jackson plastic surgery' I found a gem of a search: 'Twin Peaks Pink Floyd.' Did they find what they were looking for here? Probably not if they were only searching for superficialities...this is not a fan site. What exactly were they looking for? Were they fans of both the band and the show, like I am? Perhaps they have found some thread of similarity in both? The theme of madness...the laughing in Dark Side of the Moon reminiscent of Windom Earle and Bob? Are there parallels between Laura Palmer's death and Syd Barrett's departure? Is Agent Cooper's descent into the Black Lodge what Roger Waters was going through as he wrote The Wall? And would Nick Mason request a cherry pie without the crust at the Double R? Most of the things people search for that brings up my site makes me wish they'd never found it, or that I could virtually hose off my pages after they've cyberleafed through them. But this time was different. It was like for a second, two minds had connected. Unfortunately, I will never know who the visitor was.

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