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12:20:2002 Entry: "Ann : DREAM - Keyless"

DREAM - Keyless

I dreamt it was like when I was young and I would travel with my mother from whereever distant place (usually out east or Colorado) to Racine, WI where my grandmother lived. Except I wasn't young in the dream, I was the age I am now. We were in Milwaukee or someplace and needed to go back to Racine, but also in this case, Racine was also Madison. It was most confusing. We were standing in line to take a bus 'home' but somehow I got separated from my mom...not that that's a big deal, I mean I am an adult...but it was very inconvenient because she had the keys to the house and I didn't. What house was it? Was it my own house in Madison, or was it my grandmother's house in Racine? And here's the creepy thing...I was thinking that maybe I could *call* my grandmother (who was still alive) to see if I could stay at her place (which wasn't her house, but some small apartment she was living in) while I waited for my mom to take the next bus. Most odd.

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