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12:20:2002 Entry: "Ann : What's the connection?"

What's the connection?

I got Stan three Bryan Ferry CDs. Stan got me four Woody Allen movies. I'm trying to figure out the correllation:

Let's see...Bryan Ferry: Tall, dark, British, suave. Woody: Short, ruddy, Jewish-American, paranoid.

Hmmm. Nope.

Both Woody and Bryan's subject matter is often about problems with women/inability to maintain relationships. Is that stretching it?

OK...Stan used to (maybe still does? dunno) have a crush on Diane Keaton who starred in Woody's movies. I used to have a crush on Brian Eno who was in Roxy Music with Ferry for the first two albums.



Sorry Ann, but I *had* to do it...I was trying to avoid it ALL DAY but now the time has come!

You've been Snowballed, by Angel!

Posted by Angel @ 12:26:2002:03:46 PM CST

DANG! No image posting! OK so:


You've NOW been snowballed officially! So there! ;)

Posted by Angel @ 12:26:2002:03:48 PM CST

It's very hard to see correllations without streaching things, but it seems like there should be some relationship between Brian and Woody in artistic terms.

I did and still do have a crush on Diane Keaton. Because of my birth I'm also very loyal (as you already know for yourself), because I have both the sun and the moon in Tarus. My crush on Diane will last a life time, at least, and there will never be another actress who could turn my heart away from her.

Posted by Stan @ 12:26:2002:05:25 PM CST

Angel: Not sure what a snowball is!

Stan: Bryan, Stan, Bryan. Brian was the short blond balding one with the big brain. Not to be confused, you know. Re: Diane Keaton and your

I sound like I'm repeating myself with the intro and outro.

Posted by Ann @ 12:26:2002:05:33 PM CST

Just a silly weblog snowball fight ;)

Really kinda goofy - but hey - I tend to like the goofy every now and then ;)

I can be pretty *froggy* that way! ;)

Posted by Angel @ 12:27:2002:06:06 AM CST

By Ann @ 20:26 AM CST:12:20:02 ..::Link::..