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12:20:2003 Entry: "Ann : DREAM"


Stan and I were travelling and had to get a motel. I'm not exactly sure where we were, but I'm suspecting it was near Lincoln, NE. We found one motel, but the desk clerk, a woman with a semi-beehive hairdo who was around 50 (but she looked more than 9 years older than me) kept staring at me, watching me. It was like we were already in the motel room, but she still could see us from the desk. Weird. Then there were other people coming into our room. The room was filled with single beds, and I'm not sure exactly where Stan staked out his bed to be, but I realized I would probably not get to sleep next to him. There were all these other women coming into our room...I didn't like the thought of sharing it. Then I realized one of the women was someone I used to know from a job I had in Fort Collins, Blair. I said hi to her and asked her what she was doing out here (in Lincoln, NE, I assume), 9 hours from Fort Collins. She said she was on her way on a trip out west. I asked her what she meant by west, whether she meant west coast or Colorado. I forgot what she said.

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