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12:20:2003 Entry: "Ann : Ishy Drug Store Dream Complete with Disturbing Females"

Ishy Drug Store Dream Complete with Disturbing Females

I was in some drugstore like a Walgreens that was in an old rather abandonned parking lot. I was walking all through the place which was dimly lit. I remember colors like a dark olive green throughout the store...not army-fatigue olive green, but 'fashion' olive it was trying to be trendy by having a moody atmosphere as opposed to stark white fluorescents. I was looking in the cosmetics aisles...they had tons of hair color. There was a woman who I think worked there who was giving a customer a makeover. I was looking at some makeup which came in a decorative jars that looked a lot like the colored irridescent mica pigments I work with in art. There wre a bunch of beautiful colors and I wanted to try it on my face to see which colors would work best for me, but I knew that the employee that was doing the makeover would not be bothered with the likes of me, so I just browsed some more. Then I went outside and I can't recall the exact details, but it was if someone perhaps I knew during my high school years (female) asked me if I needed a ride. She had a car which looked a lot like a car Stan used to have, a 70s-something white and red Ford LTD with red interior, except hers was a two-door and in much worse condition. I put my purse in her car, and she put something in her car too, but we left the doors wide open and then we took off in another car through the parking lot, and I was telling her, 'we need to go back to your car and close the doors.' She didn't seem to worried. It was a very stupid dream.

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