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12:20:2003 Entry: "Ann : It's been a while"

It's been a while

So The Boy and I had our first Floydian argument/disagreement last night. And upon going to sleep, he kept snoring and I told him so to which he sighed exasperatedly, 'are you going to go to sleep or not?' Yes, I was trying to go to sleep, that was the whole point of telling him to stop his snoring. It all left me with a much disgruntled attitude this morning. Then I checked my search referrals for this site and found something that really made me giggle. I mean, the words are there, but in a different context than what I suspect the searcher was looking for:

Yes, it really does bring up my site (19th one). Ironically, I SWORE I had been searching on those words at one time too... ;-)

Uh oh, I see I just opened up a can of Worms for Stan...I can hear him...'Oh, well, that explains EVERYTHING!'


Oh and BTW, I really haven't been dreaming much lately, hence the lack of postage. My alpha waves or REM cycles or whatever must be in a state of disturbance...or maybe it's just been too cold at night. The last dream I recall I was with Stan in a movie theatre and he had gotten me tickets. It was very crowded, and a line was forming and he held my hand so that he wouldn't lose me. Then we started filing into the theatre, but we had to stop by the refreshment counter to get our hands stamped. Once Stan got his stamped and I was waiting to get mine stamped, he let go of my hand and he started walking into the theatre. I yelled after him 'STAN!' because I knew that I was going to lose him, but he just kept walking, as if he was trying to lose me on purpose. I shouted in my sleep 'STAN!!!' and I think I woke him up. Also there were other strange dreams in the past I had a video cassette of some Pink Floyd concert that was pink-coloured (the plastic on the cassette) and I was eating and looking at it (the cassette, not the concert, oddly enough) and accidentally spilled some beans or chocolate syrup on it or something...kind of like that scene in The Who's Tommy with Ann Margaret. Then I was on the western side of Fort Collins driving with Stan on some East-West street and about to make a left turn onto Overland Trail or Taft or someplace, but we had no car...we were pedestrians, walking, in the road as if we were in a car. I saw a tornado over the mountains...typical stupid Fort Collins tornado dream in that weird area that I always dream about lately.

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