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12:20:2003 Entry: "Ann : A Night in the Life"

A Night in the Life

In one night in Twin Peaks, everything happens at once. Agent Cooper gets shot in the stomach, Jacques Renault is murdered, the Packard Mill burns down, and Nadine Hurley attempts suicide. Stan experienced one of those nights last night, in terms of second-hand news regarding his family. I won't go into all the details, however, there is one story I would like to tell:

Stan and his sister are both adopted, and are very different in many respects. Both of them have now found their biological families, his sister being the first to start out doing so. On her bio-mom's side, there are three half-siblings, two brothers and one sister, the same as on Stan's bio-mom's side. In both families, the brothers are the youngest and are pretty much 'guy guys.' The sisters in both families are more interested in the arts. It's a very strange sort of ironic symmetry. Stan's adopted sister gets along well with her half brothers, but not so with her half sister. She's told Stan that he would probably get along well with her, both of them being of the more artistic temperament. Her half sister was a musician and lived in the San Francisco area. And just this last week, she jumped off the Golden Gate Bridge.

Pretty unbelievable.

I can't believe I actually indirectly (neither Stan nor I have met his sister's half-sister) know of someone who actually jumped off the Golden Gate. I've heard of it, but it's always someone else...someone in someone else's lives...a character in a movie, someone in the news. Not in my life.

It's very anger-inducing. At first I felt mad at Stan's sister for not trying harder to get along with and value her half-sister. Then I was mad at the suicide victim herself because perhaps she didn't try to get along with her own half-sister (Stan's sister). I don't know their story. I do know that I did have an especially hard time getting along with Stan's sister myself at various points in time, however I can get along fine with her now, despite the fact that we have very different taste.

Stan and I are sad we never got the chance to meet her. It's a damn shame.

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