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12:20:2003 Entry: "Stan : Floyd Spat"

Floyd Spat

Sorry I haven't written sooner. I've understood for several weeks before Ann admitted that she has a crush on Roger Waters - that she did. I've seen this sort of thing before, and I've always been very happy that she's attracted to interesting men.

She left the Pink Floyd argument issue sort of vague and understated though, and I'm afraid some people might get the wrong idea. Unlike John Lennon I'm not a jealous guy. When it comes to love and attraction there's no point in worried when the woman who owns your heart is attracted to someone else. I think it's a natural thing most women experience. The argument over Pink Floyd wasn't about Ann's degree of fondness for anyone in the group, but rather our intellectual positions on Waterless Floyd.

Ann is more of a purist than me when it comes to ideas about creativity and she sees issues in artistic originality. I think she sees the creative mind on more of a hard line between the thinker and the (end product) artpiece/musical or lyrical work. For better or worse I see ideas of creative originality, and the relationship between artist and works in a much fuzzier paradigm. Thus we often have conversations about aesthetics and I think our different paradigms produce lots of interesting conversations.

Personally I wish Roger had a friend like me at the time when he decided to take legal action against Waterless Floyd. I sympathise with the fact that nearly all of the lyrics were written by him, but I think it should also be clear that without the other musicians there wouldn't have ever been any value in the name "Pink Floyd". I certainly wish someone would have at least tried to talk Roger out of wasting his time in the legal system before he had to find out about the realities of law the hard way.

Roger and Ann are both mavericks when it comes to creative innovation, and maybe the rest of the world and the legal system isn't going to be able to see the creative mind in the light of their ideas. I think any time the mind of creative intelligence has to be put along side ideas of fairness the creative intelligence is going to get the short end of the stick - as the saying goes.

In spite of my disappointment with the vapidness of Waterless Floyd I have to believe they made the best of their situations, or at least as far as they could. I'm a little confused as to why David Gilmour fell into playing the role of the rock bimbo. I'm wondering if there wasn't a little over the rainbow and unhealthy self delusion running through his mind during those super-sized light show years. I guess madness finds all of us one way or another, and sooner or later. Even though I probably won't listen to Waterless Floyd very often, I still think it's worthwhile to a small degree.

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